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We're Visual Q Studio, a new kind of interactive agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our passion is to make complex things simple and simple things beautiful. We embrace the idea that technology inspires design, and design challenges technology.





ZipRealty is not your typical real estate brokerage company. And neither is their technology. Unlike others, ZipRealty builds most of their technology in house. The result is greater control over what features their customers and brokers can tap into. 

We worked with ZipRealty to improve their in-house sales tool for sourcing and managing leads (think Salesforce for realtors). This meant redesigning from the ground up the entire experience of the sales tool, updated navigation system, information hierarchy and quicker access to the things brokers did most. 

We also improved the consumer's experience by doing incremental enhancements to their iOS and Android apps, covering both tablets and phones to create a seamless experience on every device.


ShoppingScout is a startup with a mission to bring big data to local shopping. They do this by comparing items on every conceivable product attribute based on the items the consumer is interested in, and recommending the best local deal and optimal route to reach them.

We worked with ShoppingScout early on to define their product strategy and create a compelling offering. The result are designs that improve on the traditional comparison shopping experience.


If you're a serious photographer, you've probably heard of Adorama. They are the leaders in photography equipment and printing. They came to us to reimagine what a tool for photographers could look like, one that would provide both a way to manage photos as well as take orders from their customers. The result was an interactive next generation prototype for professional photographers.

Wells Fargo

We worked with Wells Fargo to take their payroll solution online. We lead a team to design from the ground up an entirely new payroll application, one that could meet the needs of both their existing customers and new, self-service ones. The navigation and UI system was particularly challenging, with the need to balance clean, intuitive UI with features and tax policies that varied by state. See a demo here.


Room77 is the upstart innovator in the hotel booking space. We partnered with Room77 soon after their founding to develop their product strategy and design.

Our Own Apps

My 3Things

At Visual Q, we're all about efficiency and work/life balance. So we designed a beautiful app that reminds you to do what's important every day, while doing at least 3 things every day. It's amazing what a difference staying focused can do. Give it a spin on the app store.


At Visual Q, we're also wanna be foodies. So, we created an app for that, too, for both iPhone and iPad.

Pair It!

And yes, we love wine with our food :) For a taste, try it here.